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About The Show

Welcome to The Mother of Change Show, a powerful and inspiring TV show that celebrates the resilience and triumphs of motherhood. In a world that often overlooks the stories of minority women and those originating from a low socio-economic background, we bring their voices to the forefront.

Set in the suburbs of Alabama, The Mother of Change Show is revolutionizing the personal development space. Our captivating show is hosted by EmmaSara and Bijou McMillion, a dynamic mother-daughter duo. Together, they invite you on a journey that transcends barriers and inspires positive change.

We shine a spotlight on the lives of incredible moms and adult daughters from across the nation, sharing their personal stories, experiences, and triumphs. Through expert advice, heartfelt interviews, and genuine conversations, we empower moms and daughters to navigate the challenges of motherhood, relationships, and work/life balance.

EmmaSara McMillion, a mother of eight and a best-selling author known for her groundbreaking book, "Becoming a Mother of Change," is passionate about equipping moms to embrace boldness and confidence in their motherhood journey. Alongside her, Bijou McMillion, a visionary COO, and producer-filmmaker, is dedicated to helping women of all ages cultivate inner strength and resilience.

Broadcasted globally, our show reaches over 236 million homes through cable, satellite, and major streaming platforms. For seamless viewing anytime, anywhere, simply download the InspireU Network App.

At The Mother of Change Show, we believe in the power of a transformed mind to pave the way for positive life choices. Our show serves as a catalyst for growth, encouraging viewers to challenge broken thinking patterns and embrace a mindset that fosters personal transformation.

Join us weekly and be prepared to be inspired. Let's celebrate the stories of extraordinary mothers, honor their triumphs, and ignite change together. Together, we can create a world where every mother's journey is acknowledged, valued, and uplifted.

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EmmaSara McMillion, Mother of Change


EmmaSara is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and founder of the Families of Change Movement, a movement of families creating C.H.A.N.G.E. in their homes and communities. She is a DISC Behavior Coach certified by Eric Thomas & Associates. She is also the  host of The Mother of Change TV show.

​As an experienced and esteemed public speaker, EmmaSara aims to deliver education, inspiration, and empowerment to a variety of audiences. She is known for her prophetic accuracy and sharpshooter ability to deliver steps that create immediate change in a person's life. 

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Bijou McMillion is a Producer with a passion for creating change. She is also the COO of her family's company, Families Of Change, LLC. With a background in film post-production, business consulting, book editing, and concierge service, her work showcases a holistic approach to taking care of her client's projects.

Since 2019, Bijou has been providing professional consulting services to clients, multi-million dollar companies, and entrepreneurs all over the U.S.A. From strategic planning to innovative solutions, her focus is always on building an efficient and results-driven relationship. 

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