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Have you ever experienced burnout and discouragement this year?


Would you like to accomplish more in 2023?


Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?


Are you ready to see some BIG wins?


Hi, I am EmmaSara McMillion a certified behavior DISC coach and best selling author. It's so nice to reach out to you! If you everrrrr need some HOPE, you stopped in the right place!

I have a million miracle stories of how I went from harvesting rain water (no running water), living with no electricity, not having enough gas money to get to town regularly to >>>> traveling the nation a ton, to making more in a single month then I did in a single year in a 12 month period!


And..... the exciting part is I wrote a VISION BOARD in January 2020 and by November 2021 I got the manifold BLESSINGS of the dreams on my vision board THIS YEAR! #BUTGOD He gets the glory!


We will come together to write our dreams and goals with intention, and create a Vision Board that will help you focus on where you want to go.

I will equip you by helping you to identify how to bridge personal gaps to get closer to your dream. We will also discuss the meaning of your vision board and you will learn tips and tricks for bringing it to life. We MUST let ourselves dream again before the new year, and doing it together in a HOPEFUL empowering environment is key!

What You Can Expect

Vision Board Master Class

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  • What You Can Expect

    • How to create a vision board that works.

    • Includes Master Class Printable workbook.

    • Private Facebook group that will be open for members only to share their boards after the event. *Note: We will meet once in the month for those who want to work together through their board. You can do a virtual board or a paper vision board.

     Learn the difference between the Law of Attraction & Envisioning

    • How to effectively set goals.

    • The power of visual mapping

    • Learn about the FAVOR of God and how to walk in it.

    • MORE THAN JUST inspiration, TRUE you will leave inspired, but you will also leave so much WISER about how to obtain your goals. You will do this by unearthing roadblocks to your desires.

    • Instructions on how to create your vision board. Just come open to new dreams & possibilities.

    • Evening spent with the coolest and most uplifting humans during the month's zoom session.

    • 1 year access to this digital course

    "Isn't it time to live the life you want to be remembered for?"

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