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By supporting our campaign, you'll be helping us to continue this important work and bring the transformative info of The Mother of Change Show to even more women and families worldwide. This show reaches over 236 million homes globally via streaming & broadcasts. Plus, we also are available on Podcast.

Moms all over the world in Pakistan, Brazil, India, America, and Europe are experiencing the life-transforming message of Biblical family values!

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Mother and a Child


Our mission is to help 1 million struggling mothers gain access to life-changing resources & media content that will ignite a powerful shift in thinking that builds faith and fuels life transformation.


"Our vision is a world where every mother, regardless of her socioeconomic background, has access to the knowledge and resources she needs to thrive in her role. We envision a future where our global talk show serves as a beacon of hope, uniting mothers and inspiring them to reach their full potential, thus changing the world one family at a time.

Yolanda Munoz

"What a GAME CHANGER! This book was timely! In this book, EmmaSara speaks more than just about parenting. She teaches how to have order in your house not just as a parent but even how to overcome obstacles many woman face. If you are raising godly children, she gives deeper insights and strategies that you probably wouldn’t have thought of. EmmaSara deals with the foundational issues so you can grow stronger as a Mother of Change. I believe every mother should read this book because it’s such a helpful tool in raising leaders."
"Mothers are powerful, however many mothers may feel powerless and this is where EmmaSara comes in. I love the message and movement of 'Becoming a Mother of Change'. Since I've been introduced to EmmaSara and her resources and wisdom for family strategy, my life has been changed for the better on this journey of motherhood and life in general. I have learned to homeschool with confidence, been inspired to take control of my family's health, education and heart."

Deanna G.

"I can't tell you how much you need this book. As a mother of a 5yo boy, 3yo girl, and newborn twin girls, my house is crazy. The disrespect and chaos my older two brought to the day was almost unbearable as I would try to go about our homeschool schedule and also meet the needs of the twin infants. Desperate I called my sister crying one day, telling her in frustration I would happily sell my kids off to the highest bidder. She recommended this book and EmmaSara's FB groups as well. I bought all of her books that day and was SO HAPPY I did. The very first lesson was a game changer. After an initial 3 day 'culture shock' period, my older two began to calm, level out, actually be kinder to each other and to me, smile more and act like the good kids I knew where in there somewhere."

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